Herod Larcan (GMPC)

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Herod Larcan (GMPC)

Post by Karbrae on Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:33 pm

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Herod Larcan, Herod of Scauldawn
Paladin of Veyek

The Larcans are the ruling family of the town of Scauldawn. Herod is the middle brother of the three sons of  Baron Galfrek Larcan. When his younger brother Valdrek and father died in The Valgrimshar War and his older brother, the new baron of Scauldawn, Torek Larcan blamed him,

Herod thus left his family estate for the city of Agaleth, partly blaming himself as well, and began to hit the dives in Agaleth, his life soon spiralling out of control and him suddenly finding himself about to be killed by a mob of ruffians in a dark alley behind a tavern in Lowtown. An old swordsman appeared out of nowhere and fought off the ruffians but was fatally wounded in the combat himself.

When asked why he saved him, the old man informed him that he was sworn to protect the helpless as a paladin of Veyek Verkaleon, a so-called Wandering Vigil, and with his dying breath, giving Herod his holy symbol, he asked him to change his life's course and find a purpose for himself.

After that, Herod devoted his life fully to Veyek and to the path of the Wandering Vigil.

An old army friend of the Bastard Karlog Vespen, Herod now finds himself at the table in the Owl and Wolf listening to Karlog's job proposition with the other adventurers.


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