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Zan The Homeseeker

Post by dalaneth on Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:01 pm

Zan hasn't always looked for a place to call home for his kind, instead they were being part of what they'd now call the problem which plagued them when they were younger. As a young changeling Zan had lived their life as their parents had and as every other changeling living in Karavos which they knew of, using their powers to get into places they weren't supposed to be and either spying, or stealing what they could, often both. Zan was part of a criminal guild whilst working, as most others they knew of who didn't want to find themselves with a dagger in their back at some point, specifically they had joined up with The Tears. They worked for them for years, since childhood and was even accepted as a full-fledged member getting the blood red tear tattoo below their left eye as all members had.

It wasn't until their 17th year of life that Zan's way of living would change. The reason for that being that they met the person who'd become their master. Saren was an user of a style martial arts style which relied much more on skill as to landing blows against the opponent than speed or power once it hits, instead using their ki for that. He believed in making people reach their true potential and as such was angry upon finding out about Zan and their way of living by pretending to be others in order to instead commit crimes. He managed to convince them to see that the way that all of the changelings in the city only thought that they could live of crime was holding them back and just having them be servants of others. In the end, Saren made Zen his apprentice whilst working to convince them that being a part of the tears was part what was holding them back. it took a few years but finally, he convinced Zan to leave them, something that would turn out to be his own end. Someone in the guild had found out that the changeling was going to leave, which of course they couldn't accept since they knew too much about their working for it to be safe. They sent an assassin to kill Zan but didn't know that their master was there when they did and a fight ensued. In it Zan's house ended up on fire and their master was killed at the hand of the assassin before a piece of the roof landed on the assassin, killing it on the spot. Zan knew that with the two corpses and the fire they would assume that one of the corpses would be them and the other the assassin and as such used the opportunity to leave the city, only being able to bring the necklace their master had had, which enchanted their fists and kicks like it was a weapon.

Zan knew however that it was only a matter of time before the guild would find out and once more send someone after them and as such went into the world seeking to master the arts their master had taught them and become and inspiration to other changelings, such that they may find a home which they could call their own without having to being forced to a life in the shadows.


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