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Miloki Hammerfist

Post by Wiz on Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:03 pm


Miloki was born in Snorrvaldir in Norenia during the month of Lentis under the sign of the Smith.  Not so strange then, that she gravitated toward the creative arts and eventually became an artificer of promising talent.  Late in her apprenticeship, she suffered an accident that took her left arm.  Not being able to find a cleric powerful enough to cast a regeneration spell, she relied instead on an artificer who had learned to graft parts from constructs onto mortal flesh.

Taking advantage of this construct limb, she applied her talents as a crafter of magic to infuse it with the power to help her unravel the magical skiens of enchanted items and infused it with enough power that it became her focused item familiar.

Miloki is a member of the Ferrungar, but of a rare bloodline, not so large or strong, but smarter, more magical... and more ancient.  She is a student of magical lore, but neither arcana nor divine, she studies the deep magic, a magic manipulated by artificers who prize the infusing of power into items overe creating elaborate control systems that create spectacularly wasteful explosions of energy.

Finishing her apprenticeship, Miloki took to the road as a Journeyman Artificer, but decided to take her journying a bit farther than most.  She ended up traveling all the way to Old Alberia, and through a series of contacts she made along the way, ended up in an inn in Agaleth on New Year's eve.


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